Monday, May 4, 2009

You Know It's the End of the School Year When...

I have too many exams to actually write a full post, but I thought a little blog update was in order. My junior year in college is coming to a close (yikes) and exam week here brings out some interesting behavior…
You know it’s the end of the school year when…
1. Every student is walking around, facing the ground and holding random sheets of paper, cramming last minute notes into their brain before exams.
2. Not only can you not find a study room at the library, but you also can’t find an available printer, computer…or seat.
3. You can no longer see the floor to your room but you justify this by saying “Well, I’m moving out in a week anyways.”
4. Laundry really needs to be done. But again, this can be justified (see question #3).
5. You find yourself eating the most random things because there is no point in going to the store if you have to leave in a few days. Peanut butter, turkey, and pita bread isn’t that bad.
6. If you sleep, your hours have shifted from about 4am till 9am. Some days it’s better, some days it’s worse.
7. The phrase “You trying to pull an all-nighter?” has become cliché.
8. People’s Facebook statuses talk about how much they love Adderall.
9. Trips to 7-11 for Slurpies seems exhilarating. This has become the highlight of your weekend.
10. You have no…more…money. And the money you had went to printing points.
11. “Work parties” are common, whatever that means.
12. There has been a noticeable increase in the amount of cigarettes people consume.
13. Headphones, Pandora, and coffee are essential elements to the work environment.
14. Showering is an option. Well, maybe it always is.
15. Your house is not clean, the vacuum cleaner is broken, and the windows no longer stay up by themselves. But trying to fix these things seems pointless, and you don’t have the time anyways. So, you learn to embrace it. Love that college life you lead.

Embracing college.



Kelley said...

Love it... all of this was so very true these past couple of weeks at our house! I love that you got a picture of the spoon holding up the window. You were such a great writer, even from the beginning! Does Asly know about this blog site?

Leslie Boisseau said...

most of those things are true of your entire life..

britfit said...

yaa...but everyone does them on exam week! haha and no kel I have not told Asly im cheating on her with a blog ;)