Monday, July 13, 2009

Pain in Slane

“Excuse me, yes hi. I’m taking pictures for Lifetimes Newspaper of people in the village of Slane. Lifetimes? Yes…oh good you’ve heard of it. Anyways, would you like a picture in the paper? No…ok well have a nice day."

“Mam! Yes hi, I’m working for Lifetimes Newspaper…You haven’t? Yes you can get it at the grocery store. Would you mind a picture for the paper? No…haha no that’s fine. Ok, have a good one.”

“No? Ok well thank you!”

“No? Alright, enjoy the day.”


BAH! I have discovered villagers of tiny Irish towns are few and far between. My goal for work was to take enough pictures to fill a page of people “out and about” in Slane. This would be about 15 to 20 pictures.

Well…I came in contact with 15 people total – only 7 of which would give me a picture. It was like as soon as villagers saw my camera they ran away screaming. I was then told the best place to find people would be at Slane Castle. There are always plenty of tourists, and it was a nice day so the walk would be enjoyable.

So I began my journey. I walked on “footpaths” (not sidewalks) for about 20 minutes because the “brief walk” was actually a mile and a half away. Then the paths turned into grass and I found myself walking down a highway.

Looks Irish, doesn't it?

Ok. Whatever. I’ve literally walked the heels off of my feet since I have been here. No big deal.

But then there was a small problem…

The castle was closed. Did you know you could close a castle? I honestly didn’t think about it. Especially on a sunny, Friday afternoon, in the height the tourism months! Not cool Slane, not cool.

Slane Castle: NOT OPEN

This was more of a grimace than a smile;
but at least I found a castle.

I was mad. I had woken up early – commuted to work for an hour by bus– just to be sent off to Dublin City Centre to catch another type of bus. I rode that bus for an hour, walked around the village of the dead, and was then told by the locals that the CLOSED CASTLE was “right up the street!?!” Next I needed to catch the bus home (which was 30 minutes late), go back to the office by bus, run and pack for my weekend travels, and then head to City Centre to rendezvous BY BUS.

Waiting for the the rain..makes me insane...

I hate you bus and the 5 hours I spent on you or waiting for you that day! *Note - I AM having a good time and this weekend was great, but I'm not going to miss public transportation.*

Ya. You hurt me Slane. But I conquered you!



Bob Fitzgerald said...

Britney, I have to say I felt a little bad for you this time... Looks like they could have told you the castle was closed... I did chuckle a little when you mentioned the "village of the dead" and cursed public transportation... Just remember, Lucy is waiting here for you at home!!!! Ok, and the blister pic - just a little too graphic... yuc... :)

Miss you!!! love you!!! Dad

Dave Fitzgerald said...

OK Brit- Your heels looked like mine when I was in high school playing football- Dedication to the extreme which I am very proud of- Looks like the transportation could have been coordinated better- Great stuff though- I am really getting into your blog. We miss you - Luv U and be safe!! Uncle and Aunt Tracy

Toney fitzgerald said...

Brit, this made me LOL!!! Through you wonderful writing I feel like I am right there with you!!! What an adventure you had on Friday. Sorry it didn't work out that well. Who would have thought these Irish people would be soooooooooooooo camera shy. Katelyn would have a heck of a time over there. :) So it's been raining alot, EH? Guess we should have gotten those rain boots after all or at least some tennis shoes. Your blister looks plainful. Finally, the public transportation sounds challenging. It's teaching you patience. I know you will be glad to come home and use Lucy. Luke put her new grill on and she looks MARVELOUS!!!! Keep updaing your blog, we are loving it!! Love, mum :)