Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Playlist - 10 Days of Music

Day 1:

So you're driving back home after you've just graduated college. It's a bittersweet feeling of accomplishment and loss, and you realize that this is the first time you've truly been alone in several weeks.

It's slightly unnerving.

The future lies before you, and there are so many options. Yet you feel "qualified" for nothing, and there's a possibility you may just be an intern your whole life.

And your moving, and your friends are moving, and all of life seems to be moving.

But then you realize, you've done this before. College wasn't once "home." Is was new, scary and exciting. The next place you go will have a similar pattern: new, scary and exciting. Then one day you will wake up, and this future place? It too will be home.

This is what I was thinking as left CNU, for the last time, as a student. Mid-thought, I looked up, and realized I was already home.

Music by: Radical Face

Oh Ben Cooper, how much marvelous music you gave us CNU kids. This song has so many memories - but I found it a most appropriate as I was leaving one home to go to another.

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Kevin Smith said...

i'll always remember that roadtrip home listening to this and wrapped in piano strings (and the fellas song of course) over and over again.It was such an awesome way to end my first newark mission trip!

Kevin Smith said...
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