Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Day of School

I sat towards the front of the classroom next to several other nervously smiling faces. This was Publishing 607, Magazine Production and Design. There were about 13 to 15 students, ages 19 - 35 attending Pace University’s graduate program on the corner of 5th Avenue and 45th street in mid-town Manhattan.
I flipped through our text “The Magazine: from cover to cover” and hoped that three night classes, homework, exams, papers, and Bloomingdale’s would not be a fatal blow to my otherwise decent record as a student in higher level education.
The session was long, but informative with the majority of students in a similar situation as myself: new to the city, recently out of college, and trying to discover what they will do in this world.
Not that our futures will be found in a classroom – but it’s a good place to start.
Tonight I’m enrolled in Publishing 636 (Book Acquisition), and Thursday is Publishing 610 (Electronic). Optimistically, between these classes and the contacts I encounter, some course of action will materialize. Eh?
But now: the real reason of this post.
It is tradition in the Fitzgerald household to snap a “first day of school” picture. As is custom, one must dress up in their newest outfit and smile for Mommy and Daddy.
Well, this is the best I could muster by myself. I was also on the phone with Kathryn, so pardon the distraction, but here I am parents – first day of school! For the 17th time…



Lindsay said...


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT TOO!!!! What a great tradition!!!!!
Anonymous :)

Deebsy said...

cute as always! glad it was a good first day! miss you <3

beckyb said...

loved your blog Brit, and approve of the outfit! good choice! but weren't you missing a huge backpack and a hang to your bellybutton nametag? Oh wait, that was elementary school . . .!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha !!!!1 Oh I love your first day of school picture!!!!! Thank you for taking it and for keeping the tradition going. I took Gracie's 1st day of her senior year pic too, what about Kathryn. Hum, maybe she had one of her roomies take it. :)
Well Done Miss Brit!!!!!
Love you,