Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Poor in New York: A Night "In"

Subway fees. Cover charges. $11 mixed drinks, $7 beers, $20 meals, $12 desserts. And that’s if you went somewhere relatively cheap for dinner. New York is certainly the city for food and entertainment, but these luxuries add up quickly throughout the span of an evening.

Hence the night “in.”

Throwing a little soiree can be more difficult than just meeting up somewhere in the city. She lives in Woodside, he’s in Brooklyn, she’s on the Upper West, and they live in Murray Hill.

Not to mention that little thing called a schedule. Most nights I’m not even off work until 9:30pm. Who wants to commute an hour to my place so by 11pm we will unquestionably be enjoying ourselves? Eh, anyone?


But if by some magical coincidence of timing you’re able to host a few friends in your tiny apartment, by all means, do it and save the thirty dollars you were going to spend for buying food not consisting of peanut butter or ramen. Some of my favorite city nights have been spent in my living room, or in someone’s studio, or in a random hole in the wall in the Lower East Side, or lounging around in the Upper West.

Here are pics from my favorite New York nights "in."



Nathan said...

um question what's a Blackout Cake and like...is it awesome?

Kathryn said...

im glad im part of your big nights in.. but really... a more flattering picture could not be found?!

britney fitzgerald said...

nathan - dark chocolate craziness. just finished the rest of it hehe

kathryn - it had to be done. i know you love it.