Thursday, December 1, 2011

Poor in New York

I walk… a lot.

Every time I call my parents or friends from home, they ask, “What are you doing?” And my reply about 90% of the time is “Oh you know... walking.” Living 15 minutes from the subway has its perks (like never going to the gym) but also makes life difficult at times (like when the streets and wind eat my clothing).

Thus my shoes have taken a beating. I think I’ll have to show you the full extent of damage my wardrobe has endured some post soon, but for now here is a snapshot of what these city streets have been doing to my feet.

Time for new Toms? And yes, these were once the same color.

You know what I'm asking for this Christmas.



mom said...

You should have taken my offer of getting some new ones over Thanksgiving!!!1 :) :)Love, mom

Anonymous said...

Instead of looking at an old and new pair of the same shoe, I see 2 pairs of functional shoes (one for rain and one for sun):)... and the good news is Santa Claus may bring a 3rd pair... :):):)