Friday, January 6, 2012

I Regret to Inform You...

Dear Darlings,

It is with my utmost regret that I shall not be blogging today 
or tomorrow due to an immense amount of laundry from the 
last three months... er, weeks. 

Two fair sisters also arrived to this fine city Thursday evening,
thus I simply must entertain. Please do check back in the forthcoming week for a new posting.

Yours truly,

PS - This letter was meant to be read in a British accent. If you did not comply with this direction, please reread the above text in the specified dialect for full effectiveness. If you are positively brilliant, and did read the above text with the Queen's English... well then, cheers. 



Katelyn James said...

ohh how i love you.... and your accents

Mom said...

So the question must be asked, why do you have enough clothing to last without having to do laundry for three months? Ha Ha!!! Have fun with yours siblings!!! Love mom

Anonymous said...

Oh my Brit, I read the first time with the British accent... LOL.. I knew which is kind of scary... :)

HK said...

read this twice, just to get the accent right.

Sarah said...

I saw via Twitter this morning that your sisters have left, which means you must return to blogging now. Yep. That's right.

Also, I appreciate the fact that you intended for that letter to be read in a British accent.

Also, I tagged you in a lovely tag post thing. You should check it out if you so desire. :)

Stephanie Dunn said...

hahah i read it in a british accent without you even telling me too!