Monday, August 16, 2010

The Journey Best Forgotten

Do you know how long it takes to get to NYC?

Well, have a seat and let me tell you about my journey.

First we left Virginia at 11am

With coffee and bagels and a big grin.

But our moods were very quickly changed

When 45 minutes into the trip, the highway looked deranged.

There were vehicles in a long red line,

Still we had good music so we didn’t really mind.

Do you know how long it takes to get to NYC?

Well, Washington was as messy as messy could be.

And when one GPS says I-395 and another I-495,

You can imagine where we might arrive…

Our cars were all miserably turned around,

And I sat angrily in the passenger seat not making a sound.

Because I knew my directions were right

But alas, I was told to keep my lips tight!

Do you know how long it takes to get to NYC?

Well, it seems a whole lot longer when you have to pee.

In fact I don’t remember much from Baltimore


We made it to the Maryland House restrooms just in time,

After taking “the scenic route” through D.C. in it’s prime.

So then we thought maybe that was the worst of it,

Of course we never could have guessed how much traffic we’d hit.

Do you know how long it takes to get to NYC?

Well, it was a RIDICULOUSLY long time for me.

The New Jersey turnpike wasn’t so bad,

But the George Washington Bridge made me so flipping mad.

We waited for THREE HOURS for who the heck knows,

And then there were crazy tolls and horn blows,

And six lanes merging on one lane of a road

And curse words and cops… everyone was about to explode.

(Oh and if you think I will EVER use this bridge again

You are FREAKING CRAZY, my friend!)

Do you know how long it takes to get to NYC?

Well, if you’re coming from Richmond like my family,

12 hours and 30 minutes seems to be normalcy.



Adria said...

oh my GOD! 12 hours?! The GWB is my bridge, don't be discouraged. I grew up crossing that bridge several times a week and never, EVER had it take longer than an hour. It's baaad when there's traffic, though.

Welcome to NY, though!

Joseph Suarez said...

Wow! I really enjoyed this post Britney! Great job on making your trip up to NYC into a poem! haha...end rhyme poetry...luh dat! Have fun up there!

blaine said...

I don't know if it's acceptable to laugh in the face of your seemingly legitimate struggle to get to nyc, but this is so funny for so many reasons.

britney fitzgerald said...

hahaha adria i almost lost all hope last night. but i made it! joe, glad u liked the poetry! and blaine you can TOTALLY laugh at my life bc thats why i write about it ;)

Brendan McElroy said...

I wanted to find a beat in my head to read this to. The funny thing is that i don't think it has every taken me that long, and I make that trip fairly often. But I am glad you made it to your little place in Queens safely. And I am looking forward to calling you up next time I am in the city, so we can hang out