Monday, December 13, 2010

And the Book Is...

Updates, updates, updates. Three things...

First: All of the navigation bar links are officially done! Hopefully you will find that this gives my blog a little more depth. Click around; see what you find.

Second: Over 40 of you voted to pick the book you would represent as an editor in a poll about two weeks ago. The project is done so I now I can finally tell you my picks. The top two that would make my lists were…

The Alice and Wonderland book and The Sleepless Sleuth book (numbers 9 and 10).

Why these? Alice is a classic… who hasn’t heard of the girl? And of course I find the real-life Alice Liddell intriguing. Was her relationship with Lewis Carroll innocent? Or was there something more sinister at work…

For those of you who voted for this particular story, “Alice I Have Been” is in fact a actual novel, mixing biography with a fictional twist. Melanie Benjamin wrote this revamp, and the paperback version comes out next week.

Cover of the new paperback release.

The Sleepless Sleuth book I initially liked because the storyline reminded me of “The Girl with the Dragoon Tattoo” series. But the more I read about it, the less it seemed my type of book – even still, I thought it had good marketability.

Ultimately for my project, I presented about why “Alice I Have Been” was a decent book with an interesting author and why the Bodybuilding book should never be published (editorial mistakes, small audience, saturated field, etc.). For anyone who likes books I hate, this one was titled “You Are Your Own Gym.”


All of the books on the poll were actual deals and signings that have taken place in the last several months. So keep a look out… the book you voted for may be the next “Best Seller.”

Third: It’s snowing!



Anonymous said...

Yes! That’s the book I voted for! I’m on the right track to becoming a publisher hehe

Kathryn said...

woo hoo! those were my choices!
and i might seriously pick up the new alice book!