Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Questions in the Air

The airport said that I could not fly,

Which was fine on Wednesday, so I didn’t ask why.

Because there was snow,

And I know,

That Delta was working on letting me go.

But then I was told there was only one flight out

Which kind of made me want to pout.

Because I have a job

And I felt robbed

But didn’t say a thing because they airports are a mob.

Soon I was to learn that my friend’s flight

Was, in fact, quite alright!

Which meant she would come to NYC

But completely without me!

And most importantly without my house key.

Where would she stay? Where would she go?

Now we are both in a horrible limbo.

Let’s just hope on the New Year,

Well both be together having a beer,

But, this is a difficult task I fear.


1 comment:

mom said...

I like your poem. Here is one for you:

I will hate to see you go
Yet I know
It must be
Because you see
You live up there
And I feel that's not fair
But you are living your dreams
And that means

I love you,