Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Poor in New York

This is exactly what you want to see in your email. 
Didn't I just add $100 bucks to my account? Where did my money go New York?

I retraced my steps... bought a bagel, some coffee, maybe picked up some milk? No, I didn't even do that. Where the h*** was my money going? I'd never gotten an overdraft email/text/alert before.

'Twas a bad moment for Britney Fitzgerald. 

Then I get a call from my mother later in the evening...
Turns out she was trying to be helpful by giving me a little cash for some tickets home. Alas, she pushed the wrong button and BAM - stole my moola!

Not to worry, she eventually remedied the situation. But during the debacle, I was simply left starring at my bank account, planning out the next PB&J.

And that is when I decided:

 I must really love this dumb, crowded, expensive, smelly, lovely, cultural, beautiful, exhilarating city because I was totally willing to fast until my next paycheck ;)



Kevin Smith said...

britney you are awesome. Poor in New York is probably my favorite series!

Anonymous said...

Must we tell all our secrets!!!! You actually made out on the deed because I put back more then I took!!!! Ha Ha !!!! Hurry home!!! Love, mom

constantsbecomesurreal said...

I couldn't agree with you more. This summer while waiting for my Fin Aid and facing paying rent and utilities, I was stressing out how to afford to get to work on the subway and also scavanging around for free food deals and eating every can left in my apt. But there is still something so invigorating about living in this city!!